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The average website becomes dated and obsolete within five years. However, with College Inbound, you are making a smart investment in a dynamic system that not only stays relevant but also continually evolves and improves over time. Our team is dedicated to regularly developing new features and staying abreast of the latest advancements in web development technologies, ensuring your website remains cutting-edge and engaging for your audience.

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What we do

Provide schools with a custom-designed, fully-managed website and content management system

Some of the benefits
of College Inbound CMS


Create and edit websites with a responsive drag-and-drop technique.


Choose from dozens of widgets to help you build every part of your school page, from complex designs to ecommerce capabilities.


With the Accessibility widget, ensure a comprehensive legal & regulatory compliance framework covering ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1 AA, and much more.

Events Calendar

Effortlessly manage your events on your website.

Staff Directory

Add faculty to multiple pages of the site from a central database.

Campus Alerts

Eye catching banners that communicate during critical moments.

Choose the level of service
that suits your needs

FTE Under 1,500

For schools with less than 1,500 full time students. This plan includes the following:

FTE 1,500 to 3,499

For schools with 1500 to 3,499 full time students. This plan includes the following:

FTE 3,500 to 9,999

For schools with 3,500 to 9,999 full time students. This plan includes the following:

FTE Over 10,000

For schools with over 10,000 full time students. This plan includes the following:

Powering the following colleges and more

Wayne Community College
Technical College of the Lowcountry
Southeastern community college

"In the heart of education and innovation, where dreams take flight, community colleges provide the canvas, and our hosting and design company adds the colors that bring visions to life."

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